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Astro Galaxy Projector

Astro Galaxy Projector

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Emitting Color

     Say Goodbye To Boring Nights!

        The Astro Galaxy Projector is sure to bring excitement

to any room you place it. From the beautiful stars all the way

to the milky way galaxy you can experience it all with a click of a button.

Guitar Buddy or Star Buddy

White or Black we have these different variants

for you to choose from.

Choose 1 or all & reap discount benefits,

no one said you were limited to just 1.

Event Planning?

Be the life of the party or bring life to the party.

You can have the ability to be the ultimate party/event planner

when partnered with our special Astro Guy! 

Variety of Colors

 When using our Galaxy Projector enjoy the many different colors

you have to choose from. Have a non-stop

 light show every night!



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